“You quit your job? What?!”

Today marks the 3rd day of me being jobless…indefinitely. I’ve been getting a lot of shocked reactions when people found out that I quit my job. I’ve kept my plans pretty low profile and not many knew I was leaving until my last few days at work.

Of course, it was surprising as I’ve always enjoyed what I do. How do I feel? Rather indifferent, actually. I guess it’s because the reason I quit was very different – I’m going to chase after my dreams and wanderlust. I’ve been repeating the same phrase endlessly and wanted to keep it short and sweet. I’ll always remember that line:

“I’m not moving to another agency but will be spending the next few months backpacking across Asia.”

It delivers probably only 70% of the point because it won’t be just “the next few months”, it will be an indefinite timeframe…which is hard to explain.

Then they ask, “So, when are you leaving?” And I got to repeat it all over again.

Next week, we’ll be flying off to South Africa for the World Universities Debating Championship in Botswana. No, we’re not debating (we used to), but will be helping a friend run the tabulation system. 3 full weeks there including Christmas and New Year’s. We’ll be back in Jan.

After that, I’ll be heading home for a couple of weeks and spending Chinese New Year with my family.

The “real” trip starts mid-Feb. First stop: Yangon, Burma for 2 weeks. Then, we fly out to Bangkok and that’s what we have for now. The best plan is not having a plan, since we have all the time in the world. We don’t know how long this will take. Let’s just go with the flow.

By far, I’ve had 5 farewells with my colleagues and there is oneĀ  planned for every day until I fly off to South Africa. There has been loads of eating and drinking since it’s Dec as well. Yes, I’m growing sideways – not good! Ahhh! There are still many people I wanna catch-up with, guess I’ll have to leave those to Jan/Feb next year.

I’m still trying to get used to being jobless. On Day 1, I was back in the office to clear off a few things and to return office equipment. I spent Day 2 packing and categorizing all my possessions. I was awoken up early in the morning of Day 3 to get breakfast and here I am.

It hasn’t sunk in yet but I think I’ll really miss my job.

2 thoughts on ““You quit your job? What?!”

  • June 16, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    Hey Evonne!!!!

    Been wanting to drop you a mail for soooo long, but haven’t had the chance. Been so busy at work.

    Was thinking of doing the same, travel around the world. But I just want to know if you’ve saved since forever to be able to afford this trip? Cause I’m planning to do the same, and right now expenses are an issue especially if I want to travel for such a long period of time abroad.

    GREAT TO HEAR THAT YOU’RE HAVING SO MUCH FUN!! Your blog’s so inspiring =D

    • June 16, 2011 at 4:55 pm

      Hey Joanne!

      Hope everything’s doing great on your end. And thanks for loving this site :)

      Well, we did save before going on this trip but not “forever” lah (I was still shopping away :p). The important thing is to be realistic if you wanna do this. Ie: Choose affordable countries if money is an issue OR save longer and go later if you wanna do places that are more expensive OR just do a shorter trip. So you gotta balance out between $$/destination/travel time. Just don’t rush into it.


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