Cooking up a mini storm

It was my turn to cook dinner for everyone last Saturday. 10 of us altogether! I went grocery shopping with another girl in the morning. Decided to walk instead of taking the bus since it ain’t that far and we can ‘exercise’ at the same time. We were meant to go to the market but ended up shopping at a huge supermarket since it was well stocked-up and the prices were reasonable (apparently there’s not much difference between the market & supermarket).

However, ingredients are limited here (we’ve been having more or less the same stuff every other day), so I cooked a typical Chinese meal although everyone has been asking me to make Malaysian dishes. Sorry, lack of resources! Maybe I’ll try looking harder and see if there are alternatives I can use.

Ingredients, including honeydew for dessert
The workstation

Early on, I already knew what I wanted to cook – soya sauce chicken, fried eggs with onions & lap cheong (couldn’t find lap cheong so it was just eggs & onion) and a leafy veg.

Garlic - A core ingredient in all Chinese cuisine

I bought two huge chicken drumsticks and asked the lady to chop them into small cutlets for me. When we got home, I immediately marinated them with black soya sauce (the thick black type) and sesame oil (I love sesame oil! It’s more fragrant and is a healthier option). Let it sip in for the rest of the day.

Chicken cutlets marinated with dark soya sauce and sesame oil

First, I fried some garlic till they were golden brown. Then, added in the red onions till they were crisp brown and finally the chicken. Once the chicken cutlets were about 70% done, I transfered them into a pot and let them stew for another 20mins while I cooked the other dishes.

Piping hot soya sauce chicken!
Eggs - Add some pepper, soya sauce & sesame oil

For the eggs,  I started off with the onions and fried them till they were browwwnnn. I actually prefer them to be slightly burned! I added in some pepper, soya sauce & a dash of sesame oil when I beat the eggs in a bowl.

Fried eggs with onions

I did a typical Chinese veg dish. Fried some garlic till they were golden brown, added in the veg and flavoured them with oyster sauce. I cannot emphasize enough how important oyster sauce is in Chinese cuisine – it’s like the mother of all sauces.

Veg with garlic and oyster sauce
Dinner is served!

Everyone loved the chicken! And the eggs (it ran out really quickly). I’m so glad I it turned out well. Now, to start thinking of what I’ll be making when it’s my turn to cook the next round!



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