We got smurfed!

I am three apples tall, like the Smurfs!

We were randomly walking around Chengdu looking for food when we stumbled upon a huge Uniqlo billboard. In fact, we were on another main road and saw it through an openingĀ  in between two rows of shophouses. It was the iconic red Uniqlo logo, no doubt! I think I only saw the red box and the letters “U” and “Q”. So, we walked towards the building.

Uniqlo in Chengdu

It was a newly-opened mall. We checked it out to find that they have H&M and Mango next to Uniqlo. Instantly, I mumbled that I liked this mall already. Shopaholic!

We ventured further to discover that they also have an ice-skating ring, a cinema and an entire floor of showrooms for luxury cars. In Chengdu? Not surprising coz they even have Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other branded goods in other malls we’ve seen here.

Went all the way up to the cinema and saw all these cutesy cardboard standees for people to take photos with. I immediately ran to the Smurfs! No one was taking any pics so I happily posed like a little kid.

Me and Papa Smurf

It must’ve been our lucky Tuesday as ticket prices were 50% off! Although we were tired and sweaty (we climbed up a hill in Leshan in the morning and it rained…so we were drenched in sweat and rain the entire day), we decided to catch the Smurfs.

The original price of the tickets were 100 RMB each (about 46 ringgit) but with the discount, we only paid 100 RMB for TWO! Rushed across the road to look for dinner since we had slightly less than an hour before the movie started.

Smurfette and Clumsy

It was our first time in a cinema this year! Can you imagine? 8 months of not stepping into a cinema and we find ourselves watching these cute little Smurfs in 3D! Bliss. A rejuvenating session.

I enjoyed the movie since it was very light-hearted and happy happy all the way through, although I wished it would’ve lasted a little longer.

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