Home onboard Fuji Maru!

Sneaking in one last post before I disappear into a 10-day training starting tomorrow. Grand Finale night next Sunday then off we fly to Tokyo on 22nd Oct. Program starts the day we arrive.

THIS IS IT! After months of preparation, we’re heading for the 39th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program 2012! For real.

39th Malaysia Participating Youth, The Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program 2012

Our contingent photo taken around Dataran Merdeka. This is us in front of Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad.

Putting my packing skills to the ultimate test! Finally managed to pack for 2 months within 13kg.

Been spending last night and the whole of today packing, unpacking, packing, weighing the bag, unpacking, packing and FINALLY managed to pack everything into 13kg! Am I awesome or what :p

Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. I guess one year on the road taught me great packing skills. This is actually my first time packing properly using a luggage bag. I seldom use trolley bags and when I do, I don’t really bother about the weight coz it’s always for short trips. Backpacks trump any bags, anytime!

What I found really tough packing for this is that we’ll be in a ship and we have very strict programs to follow; which makes it hard for us to go about doing our own things (ie: buy basic necessities). So I had to ensure I have enough toiletries (read: facial products) to last me for 2 months.

Then, there are all the gadgets. And winter wear. And 3 types of traditional costumes. And 5 different types of shoes. And make-up kit (which I never bring for traveling).  And souvenirs for 6 foster families and other participants.

Looks like I need to write a whole post about packing. Ok, laterz!

Anyway, this is F U J I  M A R U.

Home for the next 2months!

Home for the next 2 months

We’ve been briefed on what it’s like but I guess nothing beats meeting this (giant) baby in person.

Can’t hardly wait!

See you next year (if I don’t get to blog, but I hope I will).


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