Merry Christmas!

We spent last Christmas in Botswana under the scorching sun with a bunch of debaters. We sat by the pool, had Cadbury chocs as appetizers, drank gin & tonic, talked cock and 2 of ’em whipped up vegetarian pasta in the hostel kitchen for everyone. Fun times!

Christmas 2010 in Gaborone, Botswana

This year, I’m back in KL and Ed is rotting away in KK. I’m not much of a Chrismassy person (you’ll know why next month) but I do enjoy the festivities.

My year-end celebration started last week when I helped plan and organize our department’s party. It was a night of food, drinks, light-hearted funĀ  and catching up with everyone (with work aside).

The Elves wrapping prizes for the party

The ‘Elves’ (party committee) planned some games to get people bonded. It was hilarious!

We started off having a mini ‘Amazing Race’ whereby teams had to decipher the questions and purchase the answers from Cold Storage with a budget of RM15. Everybody just went berserk and started running to invade the supermarket!

Amazing Race in Cold Storage

Next up, we had the human scrabble – each person is given an alphabet and it’s stuck to his/her back. Another team had to direct this team to form words.

Human Scrabble

And we had the all-time favourite game of Charades. All the hidden acting talent emerged that night and we were laughing non-stop. Good times with the colleagues!

My team! With both boys having the same smile :)

We had another Christmas party with our Client 2 nights later. It has been a quiet week as most people are away or on holidays. The office is extremely dead and I’m just happy to hide in my little corner, catching up on work and working in peace. Another week to go, with lots of activities lined up – karaoke, lunches, dinners and a musical!

Might take a short trip back to the parents’, but no plans yet. Will see how it goes!

Merry Christmas from the kids!

Here’s wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS & A SPANKING NEW 2012!




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