a strong, innate desire to rove or wonder about

The world is just awesome.

And because of that, two individuals decided to explore and experience for themselves what the world has to offer. Taking the chance to break out of the norm. To do something meaningful. To live life full. Taking a leap of faith.


When growing up, Evonne has been camping so much that she could pack in a jiffy without second thoughts. Being an adrenaline junkie, she can hardly sit still and always knew that the outdoors were for her. She’s extremely OCD (she colours-code her clothes!), loves hawker food, arts & crafts and all things pretty. Oh, she’s sometimes a little crazy too, just a little.


A free-spirited dude from Borneo, Edwin has a simple “go for it!” attitude and will do whatever he has set his sights on. He loves all things techy and geeky, is very particular about his food, enjoys a poker game or two and thinks that we need smarter people in this world. He’s the kind of guy to bring along on any trips – you’ll never get lost!

In 2011, Evonne and Edwin traveled across Asia without an itinerary. Asia came as a natural choice as it is so diverse and rich in culture. It was a free-for-all trip. Armed with backpacks, some main cities to hit and open minds, they spent almost a year backpacking through Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, China and Tibet.

www.wonderlust.me is where Evonne and Edwin will share their great Asian escapade, including tales from all their travels. Journey with them here as they discover the wonders of Asia, and the world.

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